9 Tips to Get Fit Quickly

Do you have a moderate level of fitness, are you easily tired, are you afraid to do anything? Use these nine tips to feel fit quickly.

1) Go for a walk after dinner
Does going for a walk make you fitter? A daily walk after lunch or dinner does more for your body than you think. A 20- to 30-minute walk after dinner not only improves your fitness and blood sugar levels but also helps you lose weight. Research shows that walking can be just as effective as vigorous exercise, provided you really do walk five to six times a week.
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2) Do push-ups
Push-ups are one of the best and easiest exercises you can do. Not only are they good for your arms and legs, but they also strengthen your abs and chest muscles. And did you know that they also work out your pelvis? If it’s too hard at first, keep your knees on the floor or push yourself up from the edge of the bed.

3) Exercise 10 minutes a day
The rule is that you should exercise for half an hour every day. However, new studies show that ten minutes of intense exercise a day is just as good. Interval training alternates short, intense bursts of exercise lasting one minute each with short, gentle periods of exercise. This can be applied to any sport.

4) Do the 10-minute workout
Miami-based fitness trainer Nick Kempen has developed a 10-minute workout that has quickly become popular in Florida. The daily mini-workout strengthens muscles and improves fitness. You can do the exercises at home and need two weights (dumbbells) of 2 to 3.5 kg.

1 minute: jog where you are standing.
1 minute: Take the dumbbells, hold them vertically in your hands, stand upright with your arms stretched out in front of you. Now pretend to sit slowly on a chair, then remain in the sitting position for three seconds, slowly straighten up and bring the weights to your chest.
1 minute: Stand in a slight squat position with arms hanging straight down while holding the dumbbells. Remain in the squat, keeping your back straight, and slowly bring the weights to your chest and back.
3 minutes: Stand up straight with the dumbbells in your hands, walk with one leg forward and bend your knees. Now bring the dumbbells towards your chest. Repeat with the other leg, alternating for 3 minutes.
1 minute: Push yourself up. Women may keep their knees on the floor.
3 minutes: Lie forward on the floor supporting only your forearms and toes. Keep your back straight and abdomen tucked in. Hold for 1 minute. Relax, pull your knees under your shoulders and stretch your arms out in front of you. Repeat the exercise.

5) Fitness in slow motion
In 2002, the book “The Once a Week Slow Motion Fitness Revolution” caused a stir with its claim that you could get fitter and stronger by exercising slowly with weights for 20 minutes once a week. The idea is that you exercise very slowly with light dumbbells.

You lift the weight in 10 seconds, lower it in 10 seconds, and then lift it again. It is best not to give your muscles a break during the exercises. This way the muscle tension remains constant, which optimizes the process of fat burning and muscle recovery. You keep going until you can no longer repeat the action.

6) Fit with yoga
The number of training forms seems to grow from week to week. The advantage is that you can choose the workout that suits you best from all the fitness trends. Ten training forms in a row.

7) Get more out of your lifestyle
If you don’t have time to exercise, take every opportunity to move more. Taking the stairs instead of the lift a few times a week won’t help you much, if at all; it’s about building exercise into your lifestyle. And most of the time, you’re already doing things that are healthy without even realizing it. Prioritize these habits.

8) Eat smart and feel fit
Eating wrong can be quite exhausting. If you eat a lot of sweet things, your blood sugar levels will rise and fall, and this can be very tiring.
If you start with a breakfast of white flour products, fruit juice, and sweet spreads, you can suffer for the rest of the day. When your body has broken down the peak sugar after such a breakfast, the subsequent low blood sugar level will make you crave something sweet again. You will get more energy if you eat healthier and avoid sweets. A good breakfast is a good start.

9) Stress management
Chronic stress is bad for your body in many ways and makes you unnecessarily tired. If you tackle stress on several fronts, you will feel more relaxed: Exercise, yoga, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and being less hectic will go a long way.

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